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Our Services
  FiberSource offers compreshive manufacturing and design services to fit your business needs. From concept to mass production; if you have an idea, design or need an integrated manufacturing operation, we have a solution.
Our Services
Manufactured Products
Factory Quality Field Termination Services

FiberSource provides factory quality fiber connector terminations in the field that meet Telcordia specifications.  This eliminates slack fiber storage in central offices and data centers and also eliminates logistical issues and costs of ordering the proper length and type of jumpers needed.  FiberSource will come to your site, provide, install, connectorize, label, test, and document all the Fiberoptic cabling needed for an install.

Often, FiberSource can provide timely installed solutions equal to the cost of materials alone.

FiberSource provides the following services:

  • On-Site FACTORY QUALITY EPOXY AND MACHINE POLISH Connector Terminations on single fiber or multifiber indoor and outdoor cables.   Key benefits of onsite termination include providing the exact length of jumpers needed,  less congestion, and no figure 8 storage loops required
  • All cable types are available including Bend Insensitive and 10G fibers, loose tube and indoor cables, single and multifiber cables
  • On-Site Two-part epoxy and factory machine polish connector termination to Telcordia GR-326 standards
  • On site fanout and ruggedization of fibers
  • Cable congestion cleanup where excessive length jumpers have been used
  • Anaerobic Adhesive Connectorization
  • Machine Polishing (UPC or APC) to factory quality specifications
  • Fusion Splicing Pigtails
  • Multi-fiber fan out termination and splicing
  • Fiber Cabinet Installation and Termination

Contact us to find out which solutions are for you.

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