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LC Singlemode Attenuators back
fiber optic attenuators build out style
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FiberSource Singlemode dual wave length build out style attenuators provide excellent performance for all Singlemode inline attenuation requirements. FiberSource Singlemode attenuators have been designed to supply high performance with stable attenuation values at low cost for large volume.

Standard attenuation values available are 5, 10, 15, and 20dB. Other attenuation values can be custom-ordered to your specific requirements. Several different connector styles available.

The all-fiber attenuator design uses no filters, airgaps or light path discontinuities, but instead achieves attenuation by controlled absorption of light energy using ion doped fiber technology. This technology results in a polarization insensitive device with high power handling, environmental stability, and stable response across the bandpass range dual wave lenght 1310/1550nm

The Attenuators are designed to meet Telcordia GR-NWT-000910.


  • Long Term Reliability
  • Excellent Environmental Stability
  • Low ripple, wavelength-independent
  • Design certified to more than 125mW continuous power handling capability with no degradation in performance.
  • Dual Wave Length 1310/1550nm
  • Backreflection performance to <-55dB available for UPC, APC available for requirements <-60dB
  • Polarization insensitive


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